Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crickhollow Sabbath

We arrived Sunday afternoon having had a wonderful Sunday morning.  I actually made it through the entire service.  My strength returns a little more every day.   The silence here is wonderful.  Mieke alerted us to a young mountain lion in the driveway.  She was sleek and beautiful and wondered at the invaders in the glass house.  Sunday night Shireen and I went out to watch the Perseids.  There were not a lot of meteors before the sky hazed over, but we saw one very large impressive one, and several small.  It was enjoyable just sitting out in the dark and listening to the night sounds of the country.  Monday morning was cooler than it has been in months.  Bob and Shireen left for work and school and I settled into Sabbath enjoying the cool morning and a cup of tea.  Sleep helped my recovery throughout the day with naps, and I finished off my Sabbath with water prayer in our little endless pool and soaking in a hot tub.  Heavenly!

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