Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crickhollow Sabbath

Keeping sabbath at Crickhollow is different this week because my mom is with me.  She is recovering from a pinched nerve that has caused sciatica and she is with me so I can take her to physical therapy.  We are learning to get along.  She finds it hard to accept my help.  Sometimes it is like having a 3 year old who always want's to do it herself.  Our relationship changes as we work out our differences.  Meanwhile I am enjoying autumn colors in the woods and cool mornings.  I love fall.  I love the woodsmoke and the mist in the hills in the morning.  I love the clear skies at night and the starshow with the near new moon. Thank you God that I still have my mother to work on our relationship.  Thank you for a beautiful autumn, for the gift of a hunting hawk in the morning as I sit outside with my coffee, for all of creation that is spread out in its complexity and wonder.

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