Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bovine Blues

Keeping Sabbath at Crickhollow takes many forms for me.  Knitting by a fire, cooking some slow food, swimming, gardening, walking in the woods, or just sitting outside with a glass of wine are all ways of keeping Sabbath, because these solitary moments open me up to the presence of God.  I woke up on Friday morning to a sound in the distance that took me back to the Chicago El (no, not the God of Chicago, but their public transport train system).  There was often a man under the tracks playing his saxaphone.  He would play marvelous jazzy bluesy music that always brought a smile to my face as I walked from the EL station.  With my eyes closed I snuggled down in the covers and listened to the distant music, when I realized it was cattle bellowing somewhere off beyond the woods.  These cows were pretty good at their mournful music.  A little later I sat outside with my morning coffee listening to the music of life around me, birds singing, woodpeckers laughing, dogs barking, and the mournful background of Bovine Blues.

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